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Tips When Buying the Fake Urine for Drug Test

It has been said that taking drugs does not always lead to loss of a job, but failing drug tests do. This means that if you can enjoy your drugs but still pass the drug tests, you are off the hook. One surefire way of doing so is using the best synthetic urine available in the market for your drug tests. Unfortunately, in a market full of scams, buying the best fake urine is easier said than done. In this article, I will highlight a few tips when purchasing the best synthetic urine.

Know What You Want

Hopefully, you are taking an unsupervised drug test. You want a replacement of your real urine for the test because you have been smoking weed of late. Underline the words ‘replacement of your real urine.’ The best fake pee for you should be as close as possible to your real urine. It should, therefore, have the same smell and color as the real urine. It should pass the urinalysis and adulteration tests. By all means, it should help you pass the drug test. That is all you want for now.

Choose a Trusted Brand

urine testThere are various brands of synthetic urine. Make sure that you go for a reputable one. I will tell you honestly that there are nasty fake urine kits in the market that will add an insult to your wound. Some more prominent brands have also been faked. Consequently, you have to be very careful when you go shopping for fake pee. Choose synthetic urine brand that has been meticulously prepared to help you pass the drug test. From this review by swiftdetox.net of monkey dong, you will notice that buying an established synthetic urine is far much better than real pee from a friend who does not use drugs. While this real pee may have other contaminations that may lead to failure of the drug test, the manufacture of fake pee is specifically tailored to give the desired drug test results.

Consider the Ingredients

Check the ingredients of the fake pee to identify any deviations from the real human urine. The right fake pee should have the right proportions of uric acid, urea, and metabolites, among other substances. Do not forget that you will need the fake pee in the average human body temperature. Thus, if you can get a brand that comes with a heat activating powder, you will be good to go. This powder keeps the temperature of the fake urine at the normal human body temperature.

Check the Manufacturing and Expiry Date

The manufacturing and expiry dates are essential facets of the use of synthetic urine for drug tests. Indeed, using expired, fake pee for a drug test beats logic. Therefore, make sure that the fake pee of your choice is appropriately labeled with details of the period within which it should be used.

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Read User Reviews

Finally, before you buy any fake pee, consider its success rate. Don’t rely on the manufacturer’s description only. Listen to the voice of other people who have used it. You will notice that there are some fake pee brands whose failure rate is quite high. Give such brands a wide berth.