Things to Consider before Buying a Battery for your Kayak

Kayak fishing is fast becoming a favorite occupational and recreational activity among all kinds of people from different age groups. To those living near ocean shores and big rivers, kayak fishing is a means to provide the needed protein requirement of the body for the whole family. If you have the skills and persistence, it is proven that you can catch more fish through kayak fishing than using traditional methods by way of a small boat using nets.

For some people who need alternative forms of recreation and as a health activity, kayak fishing is indeed a relaxing yet fulfilling activity to indulge with. If you want to go on a soul searching, it is the best idea to exhilarate your spirits from all the stress life is giving you and bringing you back to reality that sometimes we go through difficult times; just like fishing.

By any means, you don’t like anything to dampen your spirits when you are on a kayak adventure. Whether you go for the sake of fishing alone or you are in the middle of a river kayaking searching for fish or your soul, it is truly disheartening to experience some rough sailing caused by an inefficient battery. So when you go to buy a battery for your kayak, consider the following.

big cellChargeability

Different types of batteries have different charging time. Some may take for days while other types may charge in two hours. What a difference it would be if you are one of those who acts on their impulse. You might also want to check on how long the batteries can last. Nobody would like to experience depleted cells while in the wide open sea because you did not choose the best trolling motor battery for your kayak.

Workability in Varying Temperatures

Some batteries may work well in warmer water temperature than when in colder waters. Once you are hooked with kayak fishing, it will be tough to get away from this pastime. In summer or seasons before and after winter, the urge to go kayak fishing will always be there. Choose a battery that will not disrupt your kayak schedule due to water temperature.

big fishDurability

The durability of batteries is dependent on the type of battery and their compatibility with its environment. There are many types of battery which you may consider buying; the absorbed glass mat, flooded lead acid, and lithium-ion batteries. They have their specifications, and one has advantages over the other cells so it all depends on you on how you will go with your kayak activities.


You will buy a battery that is compatible with your budget, that’s for sure. But if you have to consider quality, think again. Buying a new battery every now and then will save you more money. Consider the size of your kayak and the size of the battery; they should be proportional to keep more space to stretch your feet, and for the fishes which you are going to catch.