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How to Get a Good Rancid Song Ideas

Have you ever heard of a wicked rancid song in a club or a radio? Wish you can compile one just as decent? Well, this context is just for you, here am going to show you how to compile your ideas and have the best rancid songs you dream off. How do we start? A confusing and a difficult process for those who are not with me here, but lucky you are not with them you are here with me, and that is why am going to make you ten miles ahead of them. Here are some of the tricks that I used to have mine in the top playlist.

Have a Theme

For every songwriter, you need to find out what you wish your song to signify. Will it be all about love and romance? Pain and heartache? Or maybe elves and dragons? In this process, it is crucial to identify your feelings and moods towards that song. Try to find out what is this that is inspiring you? Maybe am not saying so, you are mundane, and you are in that cage where you feel that there is no tomorrow then you might consider the following;

Talk: maybe you have a whole conversation with someone motivates, and you think the encouraging moment should be in your lyrics. Movies and novels: Go ahead and think about your favorite movies you have ever seen or read compile the ideas in your own words and try as much as possible to be unique. Do not copy paste as you the charges of copying other people ideas is costly? Therefore take your time and compile all the ideas and let your words flow in each line. Let your audience understand what you are trying to say.

Melody or Lyrics First

singer girlThis is a crucial step in music writing and always the hardest decision to make. In this case, assess yourself first, do you usually come up with the melodies or the words first? This should decide which part to start. And if I told that you are inclined to hum out sound much faster than you do have your lyrics, then it is wise if you pick your guitar or start with your piano. And if you can intertwine both of them, then you can jot down your ideas first, and the rest will follow. The idea here is understanding your capability, and by doing so, you find the best way of dealing with your problem. Remember the above steps are interchangeable depending on your ability to either writing fast or melody productions.

Write Lyrics

In many cases, lyrics are going to provide the first Impression that your listeners are going to respond to, so it is wise to make every word count. Delivery and timing of your words are the key points here. Make sure you think of different words that rhyme for a perfect song. If you stuck, use additional tools like rhyming thesaurus or dictionaries.